Tax payment

Two wrongs don’t make a right

I was reminded of those words recently when Dateline did a show featuring a precious little boy who was born with progeria. It is a disease that makes a child age quickly and die very young.

The reporter asked him why he didn’t strike back when someone had said something cruel to him.

Without pause, this wise little boy said , two wrongs don’t make a right.

I was in tears.

Oh, that we would all follow the advice of this inspiring little boy. What a difference we could make in the world!

I believe many very wealthy people are very careful with their money. That’s probably why they have it! Some are downright misers though. Many years ago I met a retired lawyer through work. We talked alot about me starting my own business. He invited me to lunch one day to discuss it. I was skinny as a rail and this man winked at me as he ordered one sandwich that we shared! He said, you don’t want to gain weight do you? I laughed and thought… you don’t want to pay for two sandwiches! LOL

Also you forgot about all the people who do not pay taxes, ie drug dealers and criminals of the like, even thouse who get paid under the table in cash and don’t pay taxes on it. Yet they all have 100 dollar tennis shoes and 80 dollar jeans, yet they still collect food stamps and live in goverment housing…things that make you go hummmm

If you are referring to my post, please don’t put words in my mouth. For one thing, I only said that our state and local taxes are already set up this way, and nobody has complained or felt like it was aimed at the rich. That’s all I said. Period.

Also——please take the time to fully read the posts before you respond. (If you’re referring to mine). Look closely, and you will see that I copied an excerpt from the “Fair Tax” website, then followed up by saying it sounds like it IS a punishment for the rich, and that it made me uncomfortable.

I’m not sure whose post you’re responding to—-just wanted to make it clear that, if it’s mine, NO I DO NOT BELIEVE IN TAXING THE WEALTH. Oh—–and accept my apology if it’s not my post you’re responding to. LOL!

Wow—that is a very good point! Well—consider, if you will—-Gilligans Island (I know, I know—-don’t laugh). But, really, who ended up really running the place and keeping everybody alive and fed? Gilligan, the Captain, the Professor and Mary Ann. The Howells and the Movie Star were simply dead weight. LOL.
Seriously, though, you have a really good point. I agree completely!

A self-made rich person, who came up through the ranks and has knowledge and experience and knows how to appreciate what he has—–that person, to me, is what I call “rich”. The likes of Paris Hilton (choking as I type her name) and those, like you said, who were just born into it—–I don’t consider that “rich” in any way. Their lives seem so very empty and void, and the only way to entertain themselves in their dull lives is by getting in trouble and making themselves notorious. And it’s getting harder and harder for them to do so, as they just keep getting more and more extreme.

Didn’t mean to go on. I’ve seen Ms. HIlton’s name a few times on the board, and just have to choke everytime I see it or hear anything about that pitiful little rich girl.