Tax payment

I haven’t read the Fair Tax information yet

I’m confused. I haven’t read the Fair Tax information yet – but, based on only what you’ve mentioned – is that not already the way it is? All taxable sales are based on purchase nothing else. And income tax is based on salary. So, if everybody now who makes purchases pays for tax on what they purchase, whether rich or not, how will a new “fair tax” be different and unfair to the rich? Are they not already paying taxes on taxable items now? And, even now, if what you say is true, are they not already buying more because of more money, therefore more tax? I’m not asking this for argument sake – just sincerely curious.

My ignorance keeps getting exposed! But I have to ask – why would the name Neal Boortz cause dispare? I’m not familiar with him, so I guess I’m off to Google to find out about him. Thanks for the information.

You will find a lot about Neal BOORtz doing a search. Check this site and read the comments! Gotta agree with the writer who says, what would Jesus think!

The sales tax does not go to the Federal Government, it goes to state and local. That explains a lot. This man obviously believes that there’s a direct relationship between one’s worth as a person (his very right to life) and the value of his bank account. Un-effing-believable! Well there’s a tribute to free speech in America, when a Nazi can have his own radio show.

Amazing isn’t it this guy can make big bucks spreading his hate. I love some of the comments on that site.. like save the farmer and possibly get some food and leave the blabbermouth radio host! LOL!

Consider that there’s just been a national disaster. Who would you rather have with you: a migrant worker and mechanic who know how to grow food and keep the tractor running, or Oprah and Rush? Not that those two are examples of this, but many rich people are good examples of people who’ve learned how to take advantage of others and the system, but someone who knows how to make shoes or build a wall has far more value. Besides, most great wealth is inherited, so like Paris Hilton, these people are probably not examples of anything other than just being born right. Why save them?