Tax payment

I don’t think that people want to penalize others

One can read that conclusion into it, but I don’t think that people want to penalize others. The general belief among the poor is that the rich get a pass when it comes to paying their fair share. Right or wrong, that’s not the same as punishment – unless it’s Leona Helmsley who was famous for saying “taxes are for little people”, then they put her in prison. She got a raw deal though, only because of her arrogance.

Many strict Constitutionalists maintain that the government has no right to tax personal labor in the first place, and that the IRS operates outside of the law. They also agree that taxing corporations is well within the Constitution. We have things backwards sometimes.

I just wanted it to be clear how I felt. That’s an intersting survey—wish we were able to find it.
Back when I first started my job here (about 20 years ago), working for a small business, I was a struggling single mom. I drove the proverbial junk car, didn’t have many nice clothes, etc. I couldn’t help the natural feeling of resenting our owners and some of the management, as they all lived in an affluent community and obviously had so many advantages that I did not.

I was whining to my mom about it, feeling sorry for myself. She told me the most sensible, true thing that put everything in perspective for me and made me content with being myself and them being themselves.

She said: No matter how wealthy a person is, there is always someone wealthier than him who looks down on him as having less. For every person who DOES have less, there is always somebody looking up at them, feeling they have more than them. She meant that as bad off as I thought I was, there was always someone who would consider me rich. And as wealthy as some people are, there’s always somebody with even more who would consider them beneath them.

Well, it made me feel better then. But I do have to say—-as wealthy as these small business owners were who were my bosses, they never at any time allowed me to feel inferior. They were very generous in their benefits (and still are), and share the fortune as much as possible. They realize that we are an integral and necessary part of their success. And I believe God blesses their business as a result of this.

Not sure why I’m bringing this up. Just hate that “rich” has to be one big category, which lumps honest, hard-working and fair businessmen who happen to be wealthy in with the likes of —–yes—- Paris Hilton, etc.