Has anyone used Bridgeport Bankruptcy services or other online forms to file Pro Se Chapter 7? I can’t afford the attorney fees. Any advice would be appreciated.

I thought of using them too but I am skeptical about internet companies anymore after being scammed once before. I went to google and looked up bridgeprt there and it brought up a website called “Rip- off Revenge”. There are a couple of postings worth reading on there about them. I am going to the federal website and downloading the forms myself. Good Luck to you.

I got scared to try Bridgeport or other online companies after realizing they don’t give a phone # or address. I am going to hire a lawyer. I go Tuesday to file my papers. He said it would take about 4 or 5 hours. I am getting a lot of collection calls and will be so relieved to file. At least then I can tell the creditors “I have filed BK”. I can’t beleive I have gotten myself so in over my head. I am trying to learn everything I can from everyone on this blog and several others. Everyone is so helpful.